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An Online Ukulele Tuner that looks like your Uke

Ukeschool's ukulele tuner is better for complete beginners than any other online ukulele tuner, because it allows you to focus your entire brain on getting everything to sound exactly right without being distracted by figuring out which string means which tuning peg means which note.

Best of all, if you leave your cursor on the peg after you click it, the note will play over and over - as long as it takes you to get everything just perfect.

•  Ukulele Tuning with the Ukulele Tuner
•  Ukulele Tuning without the Ukulele Tuner

At the top of every page you'll find the buttons from this ukulele tuner - to help you keep your ukulele in tune, whatever else you are learning.

There are a number of lessons on how to tune a ukulele here at ukeschool, and the single most popular interactive learning tool on the whole site is this visual ukulele tuner.

The beginner's ukulele lesson that uses this ukulele tuner is completely focused on getting the ukulele in tune. It doesn't matter if you know yet which string is the "A" string - and which tuning peg tunes that string - the way we figure it around here, you're much more likely to learn all the "technical" stuff once you've made some pretty sounds come out of the ukulele. And until you can get it in tune, you can't do that.

Yes, you'll need to learn how to tune a ukulele in the real world. But that requires a considerably larger skill set than you need to get it in tune with our ukulele tuner. And we have lessons for that too - later on, in our basic ukulele lessons section..

The single most important thing about learning how to play a ukulele is learning how to tune a ukulele. Whether you have a cheap ukulele, or a fancy ukulele, if you want to use it to play music, you simply have to be able to tune it. If you cannot get a ukulele in tune, and if you cannot keep it in tune, you cannot sound good. That is why we have this ukulele tuner - to help you get your ukulele in tune as soon as possible. So you can get used to how it sounds when it is in tune, as early as possible. And so that when you're learning how to tune a ukulele in the real world, without the help of the ukulele tuner - you will know, just by the familiar sound, that you have succeeded in tuning your ukulele properly.

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