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Ever looked at a big chart of ukulele chords? Wouldn't it be great if you had a machine that showed you any ukulele chord you could wish to see? Well, thanks to Howard Knight, there is such a machine. If you want to see an Eb Major 7th chord - You click the E flat, click the maj 7, and there you are! Note - the basic chord is called "maj" - so to get, say, an F chord - select "F" and "maj".

With this little baby, you can play any song, out of any book that has chords for any instrument, as long as you're willing to do a bit of work. If you own the book - you can look each ukulele chord up in this magical machine, and actually draw little diagrams in your book, beside the guitar chord or whatever is there now. 120 chords, this will show you - almost any song will be made up of chords you can easily access here.

And here's the best part, as far as I'm concerned - every time you draw the little diagram of the chord, whether you draw it in your song book, or on a piece of paper that you will use to practice with - you will be wiring your brain to remember how the chord looks. Oh sure, you'll still have to practice and practice so that your fingers will be familiar with the chord. But the more times you draw the chord diagram for any given chord - the less times you will have to look at a diagram of that chord to remind your brain what to tell your fingers to do. I also believe that if you draw it a number of times - your fingers will need to be told by your brain LESS TIMES. They will have a head start.

Simply put - draw lots of chords. The more you draw, the more quickly you will become comfortable playing the ukulele.

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