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Ukelele isn't the easiest word in the world to spell, even if the Guiness Book of Records does consider it to be the easiest instrument in the world to play. Officially, and in the rest of this website, it is spelt with 2 U's, and 2 E's. Not an obvious thing! So, if you've been out trolling for 'ukelele lessons' or information about ukeleles, you would miss most of the information in the world. That's why this page is here - so you can find a ukelele school, or a ukelele teacher, or facts about ukeleles, or ukelele chords, or ukelele lessons. On this page only, we will spell it as 'ukelele'. Your first lesson is this - spell it right, you'll find 10 times more information about it.


If you spell it right, and plug it into a search engine, you get about a million responses. The most popular misspelling, 'ukelele', returns about a hundred thousand. That's a remarkably common misspelling, and I'm not even sure if I consider it a misspelling or an 'alternative' spelling. The other spellings, like 'ukalele', 'ukolele', and 'ukilele' do exist, but I wonder if they only exist for the reason that they exist here - so that people who have an erroneous idea of how to spell the word can somehow find information about the instrument.

If you found this page searching for information about ukeleles, then, well, Welcome to! We have some fine interactive ukelele lessons, a ukelele tuner at the top of every page, lots of great songs arranged for the ukelele, a whole section devoted to playing your ukelele for your baby, and then handing the ukelele to the baby so that she can play with it.

I don't care how you spell it. You'll just find more, better stuff if you...

spell it with a "U"!

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