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Our simple 4-step method for ukulele tuning has one step for each string. Do you know why we haven't shown you the ubiquitous tuning diagram? Because you get to draw it yourself, based on what's been explained here! That's your Exercise! Draw one of those little diagrams with the lines and circles and arrows that shows how to tune your uke. Label each of the Strings. You will remember much better, if you draw that diagram, than if you just look at it. It may be a bit frustrating, like some kind of brain puzzler, but if you work your way through it, you will have learned a great deal. As a reminder, here are the 4 steps:


1 - E String - Ask a guitarist, Start Here
2 - A String - Tune to E String, 5th Fret
3 - G String - Tune to E String, 3rd Fret
4 - C String - Tune at 4th Fret to E String

There's the 4 simple steps to Ukulele Tuning In The Real World. How is your tuning diagram? There are different ways to tune, and different ways to draw this diagram. If you feel like learning others, it is best to at least become familiar with one - this is the one I recommend.

Next I'd like to spend a few pages talking about useful things you would be glad to know that are not covered in the 4 steps, and are not covered in the beginner's lessons.

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