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4th and Final Step - An "E" from a "C"

The "C" string on the ukulele is the difficult string. It's difficult for two reasons. First, you can't make a "C" on any of the other strings - at least, not one that's the same octave. Second, the string is really thick - thicker than the others - and thicker strings are more sensitive to changes in tension.


Press the "C" string against the 4th fret, and pluck it. Guess what note that is? It's an "E"! Well, you want it to be an "E", which you can get from your "E" string. How does the "E" from the "C" string on the 4th fret compare to the "E" string? You'll have to adjust the "C" string higher, or lower, until the note on the 4th fret is exactly the same pitch as the "E" string. This is trickier than doing it the way we did for the "G" and "A" strings, hopefully those got you warmed up and this doesn't seem too difficult.

Before you move on, spend a little while de-tuning and re-tuning the "C" string. Again, if your ukulele is one of those brand new inexpensive ones that likes to go out of tune all the time, you might want to start again back at your "E" - I know that must be driving you nuts by now already, 'cause it's driving me nuts with this new cheap blue ukulele I have, but I know... IT WILL SETTLE IN.

Congratulations, you've finished All 4 Steps! Let's summarize:

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