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Step 1 - Could you please give me an "E"?

As an aspiring ukulele player, you may not know that the question, Could you please give me an "E", is very common among guitarists. The most common way to tune a ukulele, which is the way we tune our ukuleles here at ukeschool, involves having one of the strings tuned to an "E" - and it is quite likely, that if you find yourself in a room with other musicians, one of them will have a guitar. So Step 1 will be tuning our "E" string.


You should remember from the ukulele tuning section of the beginner's lessons which string is an "E", which tuning peg tunes it, how the tuning peg tunes it, and how to generate an "E" note to tune to on any page of this website. If you don't remember, please go back and review. You will need to know the names of the strings and the operation of the tuners in order to continue.

So, click the round "E" button on the tuning bar at the top of the page. This is the response you would receive to the question Could you please give me an "E". Tune your "E" string to that note. Congratulations, you've finished Step 1!

Maybe, you found that too easy. Maybe you feel like need some practice. Try de-tuning your "E" string (which means, crank foolishly on the tuning peg and knock that string out of tune!) a few times, and tuning it back up again. The more you do it, the better you'll get at it, and then the better you will sound when you play.

Now that the "E" string of your ukulele is in tune, you can tune all the other strings - "A", "G", and "C" - to your in-tune "E" string!

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