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This section on Ukulele Tuning assumes you have completed, or are comfortable with, the material in the beginner's lessons on tuning your ukulele. You will need to be able to identify and operate the tuning pegs on your ukulele if you are to keep up with these lessons: Ukulele Tuning In The Real World.


The way we did it in the beginner's lessons was to use a custom tuner to tune each string to a certain note. In the real world, you have to be able to tune your ukulele to be in tune with itself, and with any other instruments that may be present. We will be learning to tune each of the strings, using only other strings that are already in tune. And we'll make it as simple a process as possible - because sometimes, especially with new, inexpensive ukuleles, you may have to do it a hundred times before it will "stick".

My inspiration for this lesson on Ukulele Tuning In The Real World came from a miserable blue ukulele I purchased a few weeks ago. Probably the worst ukulele I've ever owned. Tuning it was just absurd. At first, it stayed in tune for about 5 seconds. By the time I had been messing with it for a few days, it could stay in tune for a minute or two. Maybe the strings are really really low quality, I don't know. But it did get me thinking about tuning in an efficient fashion - it had to be efficient, because I had to do it so many darn times.

You may have seen those "tuning diagrams" with the lines and the circles and the arrows and such. If you understand those, that is good. If you have a hard time understanding them - you're in the right place. We're not going to be using one - we're going to do this blindfolded. Then at then end, just from what I have told you, you will be able to draw one of those fancy diagrams - and understand it thoroughly! I expect this should be taken as a lesson in isolation - spend about an hour with it, and don't fatigue your brain by worrying about other ukulele stuff today.

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