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You may have heard the phrase My Dog Has Fleas about ukulele tuning. It's a little song, or phrase, that can help you tune your ukulele really quickly! Pluck each of the strings, unfretted, starting with the "G", and sing a word of that phrase to the note each string makes. (G)My (C)Dog (E)Has (A)Fleas! Try this little song every time you've become satisfied that your uke is reasonably in tune - it will become "stuck" in your mind. Sing it out loud, get it more stuck.


So, when you're out trying to tune your ukulele in the real world, you can use the "My Dog Has Fleas" song as a shortcut when you feel that your uke could use a bit of tuning. Let the song "play" in your head - and pluck each of the strings in the order that should produce the little song. Before long, you will be able to get a fair idea of which string is out of tune - because it won't fit with the little song in your head! It's nice to be able to just re-tune the string that's gone out of tune, and using the "My Dog Has Fleas" song as a "reference" can really help you figure out which one to tune, fast!

By the way, as I write this, my cat has fleas. My daughters have fleas. I have fleas. We've never had fleas before. The fleas inspired me to add this page to the tuning section, so go ahead, thank the fleas. Think of the fleas. Remember the fleas, and their song, and use it when you're trying to tune.

Also, if you ever feel like getting a cheap laugh in the middle of playing a bunch of songs on your ukulele, proudly announce that you're going to play the shortest song ever written - and lay a soulful version of "My Dog Has Fleas" on 'em.

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