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    Ukulele Finger Picking 101 - Wipe Out Part 2

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The next part of the song Wipe Out is the same as you played on the previous page but you play the same thing on a different string:

Again, if you find this overwhelmingly difficult, go back to the finger-picking drill that it is based on. If you keep on practicing with your picking hand until it becomes easy, second-nature, even, this phrase, and every other phrase you will ever try to play, will become much easier.


After you've practiced on one string enough that you find it musical, your challenge will be to switch back and forth between the two strings. That's the vast majority of what goes on in the song - that line, in those places. In the future, I will have the entire song here, with charts, backing tracks, the way to play the drum solos on the uke (without breaking the uke...), but for now, consider it a pair of complex drills that, once you can play well, is sure to give your friends a chuckle.

But don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen quickly! Finger-picking is a difficult skill, most people who play stringed instruments, especially ukuleles, never learn to finger pick. If you practice for a little while, almost every day, and break the finger-picking down into it's smaller parts as I show you to do here, you will be able to do it in days or weeks, as opposed to months or years. So, if you don't catch on in a matter of minutes or hours, definitely do not be discouraged. Keep at it - it won't take long - and it's SO worth the time and trouble!

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