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Strumming a Ukulele #3

More of the same, but a little bit different

This is the third in our series of lessons on how to strum a ukulele. You will notice that you are being exposed to your second chord! This is the "F" chord. As with all chord diagrams on, you can click the diagram to hear the chord.

We're going a little bit faster, now, too. And again, we're playing along to a different groove. Note that the blue dot represents your index finger, and the red dot your middle finger. It's interesting to note that you're using different fingers to play the "F" chord than you did to play a "C" - which will make changing between the two quick and easy!

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Remember that you can turn the ukulele track off in the trainer above, when you feel you are ready to play with the virtual band all by yourself.

You may or may not be enjoying all these one-chord training phrases, but I hope you'll stick with it just a little longer. Soon, you're going to be exposed to chord changes, which will require dexterity in your left hand, and some amount of memorization. We're working at getting the whole strumming response to be automatic, second nature, comfortable, easy, musical, before you have to turn your attention to all that other stuff. This will make the other stuff a lot easier.

Next, we're going to play this chord some more, but a little bit faster.


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