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Strumming a Uke #2

A strumming exercise you're familiar with, with a twist

Hope you had fun with the first lesson on how to strum a ukulele. In this lesson, we will do more strumming, with exactly the same chord at exactly the same tempo. Why? We're re-wiring your brain. We're going to use a different track, with a different virtual band, this one's a bit less 'goofy'. This will help the skill you have learned settle in more deeply, then we'll start with getting you to adapt to new chords, tempos, and feels.

Run this one for a little while - you may notice that it's a lot easier than last time. That's because you've learned something! Move along to the next lesson as quick as you like.

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Remember that you can turn the ukulele track off in the trainer above, when you feel comfortable with what it's doing. You'll probably find it sounds better that way, than when you can still hear me strumming.

Two instruments playing exactly the same thing can easily 'clash'. And I'm not being exactly 'tight' in my playing, because you shouldn't worry about that too much, either! We're just jamming and having a good time, and that's all we need to do to bring about the re-wiring in your brain. So, when you're ready, turn the uke "off", with the uke button, and just try to be at one with the (extremely limited) music.

Next, we're going to play an entirely different chord, and play a little bit faster.


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