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Strum a Ukulele #4

This is the fourth in our series of lessons on how to strum a uke. We're going to strum yet a little bit faster. This particular arrangement of the (very boring, still) back-up band is quite sparse - it allows you to really contribute to the solidity of the groove with your ukulele!

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Remember that you can have the ukulele track or the band track playing or silent in the trainer above. And remember to keep checking if your ukulele is in tune - if it's starting to sound a little "off", do tune it up nice, and quickly, too, using the little ukulele tuner at the top of the page.

Does it feel comfortable? Easy? Natural? Almost like making beautiful music? If not, don't rush ahead. It's pretty simple, and if you just do it for a while more, it will seem simple, too.

Next, we're going to go back to our "C" chord, and do something a little bit different. So far the DOWN strums and the UP strums have been evenly spaced. What we're going to see next is the UP strums waiting until just before the next DOWN strums - and it's called a shuffle.


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