How to Play the Ukulele

Learning how to play ukulele is easy, when you take little steps.

Learning how to play the ukulele doesn't have to be difficult. Or scary. Sure, it would be easiest if you had a real live person with you to teach you how to play ukulele. This website is built to be the next best thing. At, we look at all the things that give students something to master in the real world.a simple, beautiful ukulele How do I hold it? How do I operate these knobs on the head? What part of my finger should be hitting the string on the upstroke? At UkeSchool, we have instruction, demonstration, and exercises for the very very basics of operating a ukulele — so you can master them in literally no time, and quickly move on to thinking about learning how to play.


Figuring out how to play the ukulele, especially if you have no musical background, is a bit of a journey. At UkeSchool, we encourage you to start that journey with baby steps. A lot of people who have tried to learn how to play ukulele in the past, find this slow, easy approach very helpful. There is no falling behind at UkeSchool — you may or may not race through, but if you need to drill on the basics — if you need more explanation on the very fundamentals — well, that's exactly what we're here to do.

Uke Lessons

UkeSchool divides the curriculum up into tiny little bite-sized lessons. You start where you need to, move only as quickly as you feel comfortable, and you get to touch and interact with any number of tutolets along the way.

Ukulele for Beginners

UkeSchool's Basic Ukulele Lessons start you off right, with easy lessons covering how to operate your uke - How to hold it, how to tune it, and how to strum it.

Ukulele Basics

The Basic Ukulele Lessons assume you know how to at least hold your uke and get it in tune - and teach you how to change chords, tune out in the real world, and understand the chord charts you will find in music books.

Advanced Uke Lessons

Maybe you're thinking about learning a bit of ukulele finger picking. The Advanced Ukulele Lessons are designed as a launching platform for people who wish to stop strumming and start finger picking.

We hope you find our lessons as free and easy as we have developed them to be. And we wish you the best of luck with your studies!

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