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    Ukulele Finger Picking 101 - Exercise 7

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This is the last exercise in the Ukulele Finger Picking 101 lesson. We are still using only the thumb and forefinger, and we will only be playing on two of the strings. The pattern we will be picking the strings is a little harder to discern:

When you are playing real songs, the patterns may well be even more irregular than this - the pattern will be determined by which strings (or strings) you need to play, in combination with fretting by your other hand, in order to play the thing you want to play. Mastry of this drill, and the others in this section, will go a long long way in helping you play music on your uke using a finger-picking technique.


You can make your own drills to help you learn songs. If you find some phrase you'd really like to play, but find much too complicated, work out what your picking hand would have to do to play the phrase - and then use that as a drill. Play it till it seems easy, and then try to play the actual piece again - you will find that you make HUGE leaps forward, compared to if you stick to trying to get both hands to do it at once. I promise. Try it some time!

Next, I'll present answers to a bunch of questions on uke finger picking I get asked by students.

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