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    Is Finger Picking a Ukulele Difficult?

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Yes, it is. That's why we've prepared this course of progressive exercises and examples to help you learn. If you learned to strum a ukulele using our Beginner's Lessons, you probably saw that it was relatively easy to strum a chord, and have it come out musical, within a matter of minutes, hours or days. Finger picking will take a little more time - you'll have to teach individual digits to do things that require much more accuracy than what your hand needs when it strums.

It may take you a few days to get comfortable enough with the not-so-musical exercises, that you can move on and start learning things you might actually play. You will require some patience, some practice, and some time between your practices to let what you have learned settle in.


Your patience and persistence will pay off. You'll be able to play all sorts of entertaining things - we'll learn the classic Wipeout lick as an extension of single-string picking, a part of the Spanish guitar classic Malaguena, some intros and licks from popular songs, and we'll learn a simple way of soloing to make your ukulele 'sing the blues' - which will leave you looking cool and everyone else smiling with delight when you do get thown a 'solo'.

A ukulele becomes a more versatile instrument when you are able to fingerpick, your interpretations of songs will have more dynamic range and be more entertaining, and you will have more to offer to the mix if you are playing with a group of musicians.

So while it is a little bit difficult, I hope you'll stick with it. Our lessons will start simple, and you can move forward at whatever pace you find comfortable.

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