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Basic Ukulele Lessons

Learn the ukulele basics you need to play a song

Our Basic Ukulele Lessons cover a few simple things that will be helpful to know, when you set out to learn a song on the ukulele. These lessons build on the more mechanical concepts we studied in the beginner's lessons, and if you find yourself struggling with holding, tuning, or strumming your uke, you may want to head back there for some review.

Any time you're playing a song, you will have to deal with chord changes. While it's one thing to be able to hold a tuned uke and strum a single chord, it's another thing all together to move quickly from one chord to the next without tripping up those other mechanical processes. So we'll practice changing chords a bit, focusing only on the changing of the chords and nothing else, and look at some of the ways to make it cleaner and more efficient.

We'll also revisit tuning your ukulele. Because it's one challenge to be able to tune your ukulele while you're in front of your computer, at a website that has A Ukulele Tuner at the top of every page. And if you can do that, that's great! Because it forms a solid basis for the next step - tuning your ukulele in the real world - which involves tuning your ukulele to itself, one string at a time. So we'll look at that in some detail.

Then we'll look at finding songs - because now you have enough basic skills to open up a book of songs for the ukulele, and do every single thing you need to be able to do to start turning the markings in the book into music. Music! Odds are, that's why you wanted to learn to play the ukulele - to play music! And in just a few pages, with the skills you've learned so far, you'll be ready to do just that.

Before you dig in, you might want to take a moment to ensure that your ukulele is beautifully in tune - with the uke tuner - you do want your ears and your brain to get used to it sounding beautifully in tune. The more you practice tuning your ukulele, the easier it will be - and the more you practice keeping it in tune, the better you will become at keeping it in tune.


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