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Left Handed Ukulele — A Debate!

Playing ukulele left-handed is possible — and quite a firestorm of debate has erupted since I first wrote on the subject!

left-handed ukulele

Back in the day, I created a page for this site that gave my opinion on whether or not left-handed people should learn to play the left-handed ukulele or the right-handed ukulele. Obviously, my opinion is just that — my opinion. I've received any number of emails from any number of left-handed individuals who disagreed strongly with my position. And so, in the spirit of promoting well-informed, but personal, decision making, I asked some of the more colourful writers if I could include their point of view in my website. After all, I am not qualified to speak from their well-informed perspective.

right-handed ukulele

Here are a few pages that include the original piece, along with a scintillating email conversation with someone of the opposite point of view:

I hope you enjoy that "conversation" half as much as I did. Really great to have a guest with an informed point of view on the site. Thanks, John!

Anyway, I still may not have given you enough information to make a decision. But it is your decision. And to some extent, if you find the choice you made just isn't cutting it - well, as we learned in the email conversation above - while it's never too late to discover your own true path, there is a certain element of wanting to find it before you become too frustrated to continue...


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