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Up to this point, we've covered all the major aspects of handling the instrument. But we have not discussed is what you DO with your ukulele. You have probably given that some thought, whether you realize it or not - or you would never have would up here! Perhaps you picture yourself leading a rousing sing-along around a campfire. Perhaps you picture yourself melting your sweetie's heart with a beautiful rendition of "Love Me Tender" on a warm, moonlit night. Perhaps you picture yourself performing Beach Boys songs for your daughter's kindergarten class. Perhaps you picture yourself leaving your drinking buddies in stitches with a heartfelt rendition of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs", performed on the ukulele.


Perhaps you imagine yourself joining a Celtic fusion band, and sitting quietly in the background rounding out the sound 4 nights a week for the rest of your life. Perhaps you picture yourself hanging out in parks, and blowing peoples' minds like this guy. Perhaps you picture yourself making charming YouTube videos like this girl. In all of these scenarios, and many others, there are a number of components beyond you and your ukulele.

What do all these possibilities, and many more, all have in common? SONGS.

I suppose it is possible that you may wish to do more with your ukulele, without learning to play some songs. If that's the case - I'm afraid I can't help you any further. My understanding of the ukulele is as a vehicle for the performance of songs. And for me to move beyond the tuning, the holding, the fingering, and the strumming of the ukulele will require me to focus on the learning of songs.

Now that we've explored all the facets of your ukulele that you will need to learn how to play some songs - we're going to do just that.

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