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When I was a kid, learning to play music, we didn't have no "internet". I am filled with memories of going through reams and reams of slim paperbacks in music stores, looking for something, ANYTHING that I'd really like to play. I used to cruise the libraries, and that was often where I had the biggest "JACKPOT!" moments. I fondly remember finding playable versions of both "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood" and "Rubber Duckie" in an obscure Scarborough library.


Now that we HAVE the internet, there are many easy new ways to find "scores" for songs you may like to play. I've bought lots of stuff from EBay, big Book Sellers, and even have reams and reams of obscure steel guitar music I bought online from Scotty's Music in St. Louis, Missouri. I NEVER could have found that stuff, before the internet.

Recently, I found a place called Turns out this is a company that specializes in selling sheet music (which is a fancy way of saying "Song Books" that includes "books" that only contain a single song) over the internet. They have TONS of stuff, including hundreds of titles for the ukulele, even if they don't have that obscure steel guitar music that you can only get from Scotty's.

Now, I really don't want to come across like some guy in a loud Hawaiian shirt trying to sell you stuff. I really just want to help you realize your dream of being able to play the ukulele. And from what I can tell, a huge ingredient in feeling like you can play a ukulele is to use one to perform a song for someone, and make them smile. And in order to do that, you're going to have to learn to play some songs. Holding your uke, tuning your uke, strumming your uke, that's not enough to make someone smile. But it IS enough to de-code a song you love from the printed version, practice it, practice it some more, continue to practice it, and get to the point where you actually feel like you can PLAY it, even, PERFORM it.

Next I'm going to show you how to find songs you love, transcribed for the ukulele, on

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