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There's a lot to be said for a nice, cheap ukulele. And now I have this cute video clip to demonstrate one of the key advantages.

This ukulele has been thrown on the floor so many times it defies counting. My musician friends gasp in horror. This uke cost as much as two harmonicas. If you've ever owned harmonicas, you know how long they would stand up under this sort of abuse.

Still, I can tune it up and it sounds not so bad. You remember that little audio clip on the Cheap vs. Expensive Ukuleles page? The 'cheap' half of that was recorded with this uke. I tell you, I listen to that and I can't really tell why I felt I had to spend all that money on a good one - I can really only tell that when I'm playing it. And then there's no question.


I find this video gets funnier the more I watch it. Maybe because watching it a dozen times is kind of what it's actually like here in the house.

If you enjoy videos of babies and ukuleles, you should visit Baby Uke School.

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