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There's a lot to be said for a nice, cheap ukulele. And now I have a place to say it.

A cheap ukulele will play music. You don't have to keep it in a case. Just throw it in the car, set it on the counter, and it's always ready to pick up and play. You can accidentally drop it. It's okay. They're cheap - even if you do manage to break it, it will not be so painful to replace. I have a ukulele that cost me about as much as two harmonicas would have. I've had it for years, I treat it badly, I even give it to my baby girl Ruby, and even though it won't be so bad if she breaks it, so far she hasn't.

You may enjoy this funny video clip of Ruby tossing her cheap uke on the floor, and me laughing about it.


I also have an expensive ukulele. It's a Martin. Martin makes the finest acoustic guitars, and the ukes they made in the 20's and 30's sell for thousands of dollars. The new ones they make in Mexico are quite nice. While I feel I do have to keep it in a case, and keep my daughter's grubby hands off of it, it does have some serious advantages. It is musically precise - I can play it with a band, and it always sounds sweet. My cheap uke is okay on it's own, and not so nice when being played with other instruments. The Martin is a fair bit louder than a cheap one, too. I much prefer to play it in the real world.

Compare and contrast: Cheap vs Expensive Ukulele!

Here in the house, though, it's often the cheap one that I play. It's always lying around somewhere convenient, no case to remove, and any time I feel like it, I can just hand it to Ruby and let her play for me. You may enjoy this funny video clip of Ruby tossing her cheap uke on the floor, and daddy laughing about it.

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