Ukulele Lessons

Learn uke at your own pace with free online lessons.

UkeSchool's interactive ukulele lessons have been designed and developed to help people with no musical experience learn how to play the uke. Special attention is paid to little details that are easy for a website to overlook — things like how to hold a uke, how to tune a uke, and how to strum a uke. a simple, beautiful ukuleleYou need to know those things, before you even try to form your first chord — and if those things have ever frustrated you in the past, you're in the right place today.

Online — Free, Easy and Interactive

UkeSchool Ukulele Lessons are freely available on the worldwide web, so you never have to pay. Our lessons are super easy — for example, we have entire pages and exercises dedicated to the seemingly simple task of holding a ukulele. Some people find it difficult, and they can spend as much time as they need with these instructions and exercises until they're ready to move ahead. Many of our lessons have interactive multimedia, so that instead of trying to keep up with some dude in a video, you get to push buttons, start things, stop things, turn things on and off, until you're realy to jam along with whatever the lesson is trying to teach.

Beginners Lessons

UkeSchool's Beginners Ukulele Lessons are designed for people with no musical background, and no experience operating a musical instrument. Essentially, that is what we do in the beginners lessons — learn to operate the ukulele. How to hold a uke — how to tune a uke — how to strum a uke.

Basic Lessons

The Basic Ukulele Lessons pick up where the Beginners Lessons leave off. Now that you know how to hold, tune, and strum your uke, you're ready to learn some of the finer points of using it to play music. Things like changing chords, tuning it when you don't have access to a tuner, and reading music out of song books.

Advanced Lessons

Maybe you're thinking about learning a bit of ukulele finger picking. The Advanced Ukulele Lessons are designed as a launching platform for people who wish to stop strumming and start making more complicated music, where consideration is given to each individual string. We have brutishly introductory exercises that will get your mind and body moving down the right path to becoming an excellent finger picker.

We hope you find our lessons as free and easy as we have developed them to be. And we wish you the best of luck with your studies!

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