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We'll Meet Again is a great WWII song, for saying 'goodbye'. Makes it seem so sad! In this interactive webpage, you get to play your ukulele along with a big ol' swing band!

Press the play button to hear the song - then when you're ready, you can play along. You can choose to hear the band, the uke, or both. Ideally, you can almost have the experience of practicing with a band, which is much more than you can get from chords, charts, tabs, or arrangements in a book.

The entire form is the three lines above, the the second line, and repeat liberally. I chopped it this way to improve the download time, but it still flows nicely. The keen student will notice the little ukulele flourish near the end of the second line... it's an Fmaj and and Fmin chord that get one beat each.

Note that I am really pounding the ukulele hard as I play along with this - in the real world, if you were playing with a real swing band, you'd likely have to. Try turning your computer's speakers WAY up! Should you be so lucky, you'll be well prepared for the day a swing band asks you to sit in.


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