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Hello! UkeSchool is a very new place... I have only two songs so far... Inchworm and We'll Meet Again. I appreciate your coming looking for songs, so I had to make at least one to show you what direction I'm headed in here. I hope you enjoy the interactive chart - it's a prototype, in development, which is why it's taking a while to move past the first song.

UkeSchool is designed to take advantage of the potential of web deployed learning resources. Unlike a real teacher, it is convenient and inexpensive. Unlike a book, it allows you to see, hear and touch a variety of visual and audio media so that you catch on to more, and catch on more quickly.

Because UkeSchool is freely accessible to the general public, I am depending upon donations from visitors like you to finance the further development of the site. If you find the material worth as much as a book or a lesson, please help me out with a secure donation. Thank You.

On the subject of songs, and helping to support this site, I would like to refer you to my new "partner" in the world of ukulele music - They have literally HUNDREDS of books that are for, or include material for, ukuleles. Most of my favourite Ukulele Song Books are available from SheetMusicPlus - including dozens of Jumpin' Jim's Books. Jumpin' Jim does the best arrangements of the best songs, and if you really really want some good books, but really really have no idea where to start - Jumpin' Jim is who I recommend.

Once you know how to tune your uke, hold your uke, finger some chords on your uke, and strum your uke - you'll be ready to start learning the songs you love and would love to play.

Ukulele Songs :

We'll Meet Again

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