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Hello. I'm Pete Gray, aka Pineapple Pete, and I would like to welcome you to This being the 'faculty' page, and me being the 'faculty', this is where I tell you who I am, and try to make you feel comfortable with letting me be your ukulele teacher.

I am the designer, developer, writer, editor, arranger, audio engineer, photographer, animator, and administrator at The fact that I play ukulele may seem secondary, (and it may be, given the amount of time I've spent learning to do all those other things!) but I do play one, and I play it a lot, and I have hours and hours of cool arrangements and techniques that I'd love to share. So I'm harnessing all those other skills, to share the arrangements and techniques as effectively as I know how.

The bulk of my ukulele workload is in senior's entertainment, in the form of Pineapple Pete's Hawaiian Beach Party. It's good work. I play a bit of lap steel to set the mood, but the most of the show is classic songs of the twentieth century and beyond played on the uke and sung by everyone. I also play a bit of uke with rock band Reuben Cherry, and I have dozens of rock'n'roll songs to play with them that I couldn't really be doing in the senior's homes.

I'm excited about the idea of being a ukulele teacher, even if I am only being a virtual ukulele teacher. I'm glad to give genuine uke lessons to anyone who lives in or can get to Toronto. But I understand the real-world practicality of music lessons - In the case of a ukulele, a few lessons will cost as much as a decent instrument. The simplicity begins to wane. Yet another reason why I think the ukulele is the perfect candidate for an online, interactive course of study - I want to make the monetary cost of learning to play lower than the cost of the instrument.

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