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Beginners Ukulele Lessons

The beginners lessons section at has only a few uke lessons, and can be completed in a few hours. We'll start you off right! You'll learn to tune your uke, hold your uke, strum your uke, and you'll learn to play one chord, so you can strum along to a number of different rhythm patterns from the synthetic back-up band. It may seem foolish, but if you spend your first day learning the ukulele learning this stuff, you'll be way ahead in no time.

Basic Ukulele Lessons

Our basic uke lessons will teach you what you need to know to get by with a uke. You'll learn the most common chords, how to change them easily, and which of those chords like to hang out together. You'll learn some basic fancy techniques to enhance your uke playing. You'll find uke song books a breeze if you're familiar with the material at this level. You and your uke will make people smile and they'll clap when you're done.

Advanced Ukulele Lessons

Most of what there is to learn would qualify as advanced. There are truly a finite number of possible basic uke lessons, but the roster of advanced uke lessons could grow forever. Finger-picking, complex strumming, complex chords, soloing, chord melodies, transposing, playing by ear, and more. If you feel comfortable with the advanced uke lessons, you'll be able to read music out of a book for almost any instrument (except bassoon), sit in with a band, or entertain as a solo act for a protracted period.

Extreme Ukulele Lessons

In extreme development - The material in the extreme uke lessons will be quite difficult. Some requires great dexterity, some requires abstract conceptualization well beyond what could reasonably be expected of someone who wants to play the uke. If you made fun of the primary level for being so primary, this stuff'll put you back in your place. It is a lot of fun, though, and great for your chops!

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