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school of ukulele ukulele lessons are designed to help you master the ukulele quickly. If you've ever just picked up a ukulele, and tried to de-code chord diagrams while you're strumming and singing and just found it all a bit too much, you'll appreciate our step by step approach, that will move you all the way from holding the ukulele properly to 'soloing' and complex classical-guitar-style finger picking.

Special interactive content will provide valuable guidance every step of the way. With our patented 'phrase trainer', we'll isolate parts of songs that warrant close scrutiny. Licks, rolls, shuffles, riffs, hooks, intros, turnarounds, solos, and patterns will be illustrated with chord charts, tabs, sound-wave traces, and/or video, depending on what helps the most. You can hear the ukulele playing the phrase, and/or a synthesized back-up band, so that you can run through the phrase until you are comfortable with it. It is really so much easier to learn something complex in isolation than when you are caught up in the flow of a song.

The ukulele lessons teach more than techniques and songs that use them. You'll learn how to read for the ukulele out of books for other instruments. You'll learn to transpose songs into keys that fit your voice, or that your band plays them in. You'll learn how to find chords in songs you are figuring out by ear. You'll get tips and tricks about how to put on a ukulele-based performance that is dynamic, fascinating, funny, and sincere. You'll learn how to arrange your favorite songs so that all the distinctive parts show through.

All of the ukulele lessons are catagorized by skill level, so that you can find the lessons that will be helpful to you, and so you can marvel at your progress when you start licking the stuff from the 'advanced' level!

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