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Ruby with a Ukulele at 9 weeks

Thank you so much for visiting I hope you've been able to learn some useful things. I would appreciate very much if you were to make a donation to UkeSchool.

I hope you feel you have learned at least as much about playing the ukulele as you would in one or two real-world lessons. If that is the case, the $20 that I ask is certainly great value. If you would like to donate a different amount, please feel free. You will be helping me to both continue to devote time to building this website, and to keep little Ruby cozy and safe.

If you are comfortable with making a donation in Canadian "loons", the button below will allow you to do so - which will save me a fair percentage in currency exchange fees.


I am able to accept donations securely through PayPal. I'm afraid that a privacy scare has led me to no longer accept cheques as a form of donation.

Ruby having a cozy uke lesson.

This website, and all of the material on it, are entirely free and available to anyone with a Flash-enabled browser. And I do really want to keep it that way - trying to get the site to generate revenue by making parts of it "paid access" is an idea I have dabbled with, but I'd rather just leave it alone to teach lots of people, than to isolate it from the world.

Even if you do donate $20 to support the ongoing development of this site, you will have learned basic ukulele skills more cheaply than if you had bought a book or had a lesson with a real teacher. What you've experienced here was more interactive, sonic, and dynamic than a book - and more leisurely and enduring than a real-world lesson. All in the comfort of your own home.

picture of a ukulele In the early years of the site, it seemed that in spite of all the work that went into building it, it wasn't even generating enough revenue to cover the cost of the server. But in recent years, as the site has very slowly grown, and traffic has exploded to incredible levels, there have been periods when I suddenly received a number of donations. And while I don't imagine the donations will ever "pay for development time", in the classical sense of the term, they do make it possible for me to take time away from the usual professional and academic activites to pursue it further, fix it up, and make some new stuff.

The first part worked - I built it, and now they come. To really pour some effort into continuing to develop it, in the face of everything that goes into supporting a family, it's gotta make a little bit of money.

Please make a donation. And help build this website that is helping teach the world how to play the ukulele.

Thank you very much!

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