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You may have heard that you can go a long way with just 3 chords. It's true! While I personally am a fan of songs with many, many chords, my father has made himself quite a career out of 3 chords on the guitar. We're going to start with those same 3 chords - and if you learn them, you'll be able to play along with all the 3-chord guitarists in the world!

If you have been through the beginner's uke lessons, you will have already played two of these chords. Here they are:


Try each of them. (You can hear what each chord sounds like by clicking on it) One trick to help remember which they are is to say the name as you play it. This causes more tracks to form in your brain. To really lay down some pathways in your brain, draw some little pictures of these chords. For whatever reason, figuring something out enough to draw it really helps to remember.

If the chords sound scary, or dirty, you may need to tune again. Play around with them until you feel like you can find them without looking back and forth between the screen and your uke. Next, we'll work on changing between the chords.

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