About UkeSchool School of Ukulele

Where beginners learn ukulele quickly and easily

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the easiest instrument in the world to play is the ukulele. But that doesn't mean you can just pick up a uke and play it. But it does mean that you can learn it quickly and easily. UkeSchool is designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to become a functioning ukulele player!


The Uke School Ukulele Method is based on a number of educational theories. It revolves around the idea that you learn best when you learn a little bit at a time, practice it at speed until you are comfortable with it, and then move on. Each new thing that you begin to study is not only based on what you have learned so far, but is the next logical step, based on what you could do with everything you have so far. The focus is to re-wire your brain, as efficiently as possible, to make you a ukulelist — and then you can happily explore the uke for the rest of your life!

Quickly and Easily

Because the uke is the easiest instrument in the world to play, you can move up to a level of serious competence very quickly. I learned these education theories studying pedal steel guitar, Mandarin Chinese, and astrophysics. Applied to subjects like these, good learning techniques can reduce years to months. For you, the ukulele student, I hope to reduce the months it could take into just weeks.

Online Lessons

UkeSchool is designed to take advantage of the potential of web deployed learning resources. Unlike a real teacher, it is convenient and inexpensive. Unlike a book, it allows you to see, hear and touch a variety of visual and audio media so that you catch on to more, and catch on more quickly.

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